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“Advantages of FUT”

“Advantages of FUT”
Advantages of FUT
Advantages of follicular Hair Transplant
There are basically 2 methods of Hair Transplant: (1. Strip Method and 2. FUE- stitch less method)

In a usual "Strip Method" follicles are separated after strip is harvested from your donor site (from the back of your head). The donor area is closed by an absorbable stitch and the follicles are individually transplanted in the area of hair loss. It takes a week to 10 days for the stitch and the scabs to get clear. Except for some tightness or discomfort (>95 % patients do not complain of pain) in the donor site & swelling and scabs for first few days procedure is very safe. This will leave a linear scar in the donor area. If you keep your hair in the donor area of more than 1/2 inch the mark of the stitch is not visible ( especially if you have Trichophytic closure). But if you go for buzz cut or full head shaving the mark of the stitch will be visible.

Trichophytic Closure of Donor site where you can grow hairs though your donor scar. ( . This method is by far the most efficient method of hair transplant because it can deliver better quality grafts, dissected under magnified vision in a shorter time at a lesser cost. The regrowth rate is over 95%.
2nd method which is more modern is "the stitch less procedure" (FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction). This does not involve removal of strip or stitches. The Grafts are individually extracted from the scalp. This although a lengthy procedure has faster healing in only 4-5 days usually and is practically discomfort free postoperatively. This being stitch less does not leave any linear scar in the donor area and therefore allows more modern short hair style. These are its advantages over the conventional strip method. (Check It a complete myth that FUE does not leave scar or is a scar less procedure. It only leaves no linear scar. But on complete shaving of head there are multiple punctuate scars are visible and the overall scarring is more than that of strip method. The strip method has better quality of grafts compared to FUE and therefore survival rate of the grafts will be 95% whereas that of FUE is 80 to 90%. FUE due to its nature and advantages cost more. The cost is Rs. 75 per graft.

Well for your information the accumulated scarring of the FUE is more than the linear scar of strip method (FUT). Scars are visible in both method if the head is completely shaved.

The strip method is the method where grafts are cut under magnified vision therefore graft quality is much superior than the blind extraction for the grafts in FUE.
The regrowth rate therefore in Strip method is 95% + where as in case of FUE it may be 80% +

Although the donor healing in FUE is 3-5 days earlier than that of strip method in case of the recipient healing is the same period.
For large number of grafts (say over 1500 grafts) ; in Strip method you need anaesthetic pain only once where as in FUE you have to have that of 2 -3 consecutive days. In FUE you have to sleep in uncomfortable position for long hours for some times 6-8 hours daily for 2-3 days.
These days you can have better scar in Strip method by trichophytic closure ( which grows the hair through the linear scar.

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