Follicular Hair Transplant

Follicular Hair Transplant

Follicular Hair Transplant

Approx. Rs 45 / Graft

Permanent Hair Loss Solution : Hair Transplant

The usual or most common hair loss is called Pattern Hair Loss (Alopecia Androgenetica.) This affects only front & central area of your scalp. This is due to certain Baldness genes. Genetically your hair in this area is Hormones sensitive. These hairs become thin in diameter and can not grow long and eventually the hormone kills this hair in a particular pattern (Shape).

The hair on the back and the side are genetically strong hair and live permanently as you might have observed by now. We use the roots (Follicles/ follicular units) of this permanent hair and graft them in the front where you have lost your hair.

As long as your hair root is alive medicines like (Rogaine/ Mintop) and  (Propecia/ Finpecia) can help to improve the quality of thinned out hair and prevent the progress of the Baldness. But in the place where your hair roots are dead no medicine can not grow new hair. The only answer to grow hair in that area is to have Hair Transplant.

Follicular Hair Transplant is for: Both men and women can avail this procedure in following situations of hair loss :
The Follicular Hair Transplant that I offer can help you change your look. It grows natural looking, PERMANENTLY GROWING maintenance free hair that grow long and does not grow thin under the effect of Hormones. You can cut, colour and style the hair that does not require special care.

There are basically 2 methods of Hair Transplant Surgery:

Hair transplant surgery is a day procedure (takes 2-6 hours depending upon the extent of the procedure) and it is done under Local Anaesthesia (Only Numb the skin) while you are conscious and communicating through out the procedure. Not only that there is no hassle of Hospitalization or bandages etc. It is done as an outdoor procedure, in very comfortable setting.

Follicular Unit Transplant - Strip Method

Follicular Unit Transplant - Strip Method

Approx. Rs 55 / graft

CLN a usual "strip method" (FUT- Follicular Unit Transplant) follicles are separated after strip is harvested from your donor site (from the back of your head). The donor area is closed by an absorbable stitch and the follicles are individually transplanted in the area of hair loss. It takes a week to 10 days for the stitch and the scabs to get clear. Except for some tightness or discomfort (>95 % patients do not complain of pain) in the donor site & swelling and scabs for first few days procedure is very safe. This will leave a linear scar in the donor area. If you keep your hair in the donor area of more than 1/2 inch the mark of the stitch is not visible (especially if you have Trichophytic closure). But if you go for buzz cut or full head shaving the mark of the stitch will be visible.

Trichophytic Closure of Donor site where you can grow hairs though your donor scars. This method is by far the most efficient method of hair transplant because it can deliver better quality grafts, dissected under magnified vision in a shorter time at a lesser cost. The regrowth rate is over 95%. The cost is Rs. 25 per graft.
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