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Why I need hair transplant surgery or hair transplant treatment when medication and other non-surgical means
are available?

Medications: Other Non- Surgical Means: As for the wigs: 10 reasons why people don't choose wig!
  1. It gives constant feeling of weight and discomfort in hot days.
  2. Sweat cannot be cleaned properly and bad hygiene can lead to skin problems.
  3. Its fixing methods like weaving, bonding, pinning etc. can pull on the natural remaining hair and add to your hair loss and can even lead to scarring.
  4. It gives same look all the time that looks and feels artificial and unnatural. You have Fixed style all hours of use
  5. Its high level of detectability becomes a butt of jokes and teasing by the friends, collogues and media.
  6. Its cost run from few hundred dollars to many thousand dollars depending upon quality
  7. You need regular maintenance every few weeks for the rest of your life. Attachment may become loose- constant state of low-level paranoia and anxiety about his public discovery.
  8. Long-term financial investment because of regular maintenance may be more than that of hair transplant. With life time maintenance & few monthly replacement & frequent visits to wig maker- it becomes very expensive
  9. You need to change it every few months
  10. Not done by doctors
Surgery by Follicular hair Transplant is better in many respects

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