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Nature of Business: Service Provider
Additional Business:
  • Supplier
  • Exporter
  • Trader
  • Retailer
Company CEO: Bishan Mahadevia
Registered Address: 402, 3rd Eye II, Panchvati 5 Roads, Between Benzer
Industry: Services provider for Hair Loss, Hair Transplant and Medications
Total Number of Employees: Upto 10 People
Year of Establishment: 1993
Legal Status of Firm: Proprietorship
Promoter: Dr. Mahadevia Bishan
Annual Turnover: Rs. 2 - 5 Crore
Location Type: URBAN
Building Infrastructure: Permanent
Size of Premises: 3000 square feet
Space Around: Front porch
Tan No.: AHMB0*****
GST No.: 24AAZPM0102E1Z1
1. No Pressure tactics just education an informed and knowledgeable decision is a good decision. We do not continue to telephone, e-mail, or snail-mail you if you provide us with your phone number or address. We will tell you what you need to hear. In fact, we will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not. We would rather lose you as a patient than mislead you or let any unrealistic expectations persist. We don’t believe in free consultation but Dr. Mahadevia himself (and not his marketing person) will spend sufficient quality time to provide you with adequate education about Hair loss and Hair Transplant.

2. Dr. Mahadevia has experience, knowledge and dedication of over 11 Years in private practice He was trained under the leaders in the fields like Jung Chul Kim of South Korea. He was a Gold Medallist in his Surgical Training. He is a qualified Plastic Surgeon with focused interest in Hair Restoration. He has also the working experience of long period in UK. He has been updating himself regularly with the latest in the field by attending conferences, Scientific journals and through Internet..

3. Dr. Mahadevia is a qualified member of ISHRS ( International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery)- the highest recognized body I the world in the field of Hair Restoration. This helps us keep ourselves at par with the world standards.

4. Good quality at low price: (Value = Quality/Low cost) you will get the world-class quality at a possibly lowest price in on the globe. This is possible because to produce good quality all the necessary skills, experience, infrastructure, motivation and qualifications we have and we take all care to keep the price at affordable rate.

5. We provide the combination of caring, good skilled, well-trained team with comfortable ambience where you can spend hours with music, food and relaxation without fear.

6. Megassesion of over 3000 grafts in one day are also offers by us quite frequently where the Donor area and budget permits.

7. Dense packing: We offer dense packing to the bald area for the best results.
8. We encourage ant balding Medication: like Finastaride, Minoxidill etc. to give longer life to the existing Hormone sensitive Hair.
FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)
Why I need hair transplant surgery or hair transplant treatment when medication and other non-surgical means
are available?

  • Medication can thicken and lengthen (regrowth) hair in some and not in all who take them
  • Medication is effective at the back (Vertex) and middle (Mid scalp) but almost ineffective in the front (esp. Hair line) where one needs the hair most.
  • Medication can work only until you keep taking if you stop taking medication the benefits achieved by medication soon start disappearing (because the hormones once again start working their ill effects). Medication although reasonably safe should be taken for lifetime –the idea normally puts off many
  • Medications although fairly safe are not without any side effects
Other Non- Surgical Means:
  • Wigs and Concealers are other possible solutions to baldness. Concealers are temporary hair cosmetics,
    good for thinning hair and as temporary solution such as before going to party. These hair loss remedy require regular
    care and expense. They are not cheap either.
As for the wigs: 10 reasons why people don't choose wig!
  1. It gives constant feeling of weight and discomfort in hot days.
  2. Sweat cannot be cleaned properly and bad hygiene can lead to skin problems.
  3. Its fixing methods like weaving, bonding, pinning etc. can pull on the natural remaining hair and add to your hair loss and can even lead to scarring.
  4. It gives same look all the time that looks and feels artificial and unnatural. You have Fixed style all hours of use
  5. Its high level of detectability becomes a butt of jokes and teasing by the friends, collogues and media.
  6. Its cost run from few hundred dollars to many thousand dollars depending upon quality
  7. You need regular maintenance every few weeks for the rest of your life. Attachment may become loose- constant state of low-level paranoia and anxiety about his public discovery.
  8. Long-term financial investment because of regular maintenance may be more than that of hair transplant. With life time maintenance & few monthly replacement & frequent visits to wig maker- it becomes very expensive
  9. You need to change it every few months
  10. Not done by doctors
Surgery by Follicular hair Transplant is better in many respects
  • Transplanted Hair Looks and feels natural unlike wig and concealer
  • Transplanted hair remain undetectable among the other hair
  • Transplanted hair grows and keeps growing permanently unlike the hair of wig and the regrown hair by Medication
  • Do not require extra maintenance or care unlike wig, which require lifetime care.
  • The Transplanted hair can be cut, colored and styled as well
  • Transplantation normally has one time expense unlike medication or wig which require lifetime expense
  • It is a One day Procedure performed by numbing your skin so you can talk with doctor, watch TV, listen to music, read, take a nap, have lunch and juice and even go to toilet!
  • No bandages at the end
  • You can take shoulder bath from same day and can shampoo your hair from 3rd day
  • You can even do light office work from second day
  • If you are from out station you may travel back same or the next day minimum follow-up is required thereafte.
Cost and Testimonial
What would hair transplant surgery cost me?
The hair transplant cost by standard procedure depends on the number of hair roots (grafts/ Follicles / Follicular Unit) required for you it costs Rs. 35. per graft. You can have approximation of how many grafts will be required for you from the GRAFT ESTMATION CHART given below. YOU MAY e mail US YOUR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS FROM TOP, AND FRONT TO KNOW THE EXACT EXPENSE OF PROCEDURE OR ELSE YOU CAN VISIT TO ME BY PRIOR APPOINTMENT.

* The above hair transplant surgery cost includes surgeon's fee, assistant's fee, operation theatre charges, operation theatre anaesthetic medicine and disposables. There are no taxes charged on the above hair replacement cost. You have to spend about 2200 more rupees towards the routine preoperative blood tests and some 5 days course of medications to be taken post operatively.

* Payment options: Cash/credit card/ western union/paypal.com/bank to bank transfer

We provide both methods of Modern Hair Transplant surgeries
1. Regular "Strip Method"- here you have stitch and its linear donor scar which remains hidden in the donor area under hair. It allows better quality grafts in more number and in shorter time. ( see link : http://www.goodbyehairloss.com/follicular-hair-transplant/hair-restoration-replacement-india.htm ). The scar can be made to look minimal by having the latest "Trichophytic Closure". (See link: http://www.goodbyehairloss.com/trichophytic-closure.htm )

2. Stitch less "FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction" method that involves removal of individual Follicular unit graft from the donor site. ( see link: http://www.goodbyehairloss.com/fue.htm ) Therefore it does not involve stitches and therefore there is no Linear scar visible in donor site. Although the procedure is time consuming 2 times more expensive and requires shaving of the donor area the healing is faster and the post operative discomfort is minimal compared to "strip method". This method also allows extraction of hair follicles from other areas of the body popularly known as BHT- Body Hair Transplant (http://www.goodbyehairloss.com/bht.htm ). The cost of FUE is Rs. 75 per Follicular Unit Graft • Cost of Body Hair Transplant (http://www.goodbyehairloss.com/bht.htm) is Rs. 100 per Follicular Unit Graft • Trichophytic closure (http://www.goodbyehairloss.com/trichophytic-closure.htm) of Donor site: Rs. 10,000 charged additionally • One stage of Alopecia Reduction (http://www.goodbyehairloss.com/alopecia-ruction.htm) costs Rs. 12,000 •The cost of special situations like eyebrow, eyelash, beard, moustache etc. on consultation.
How to Book date in Advance?
If you decide to have the procedure I recommend that you book the date in advance since there may be non availability of desired date at the last moment. The date booking procedure is: You need to send $ 500 or 20000 Rupees in advance by one of the following: Following are the safe methods for sending advance deposit:

1. Western UNion:
Deposit the amount at the nearest "Western Union" office payable to "DR. Bishan Mahadevia" at Ahmedabad, India. You will be given a 10 digit "MTCN number" that you have to pass on to me so that money can be encashed at my end of Western Union.

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