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Cost and Testimonial

Cost and Testimonial
What would hair transplant surgery cost me?
The hair transplant cost by standard procedure depends on the number of hair roots (grafts/ Follicles / Follicular Unit) required for you it costs Rs. 30+GST per graft. You can have approximation of how many grafts will be required for you from the GRAFT ESTMATION CHART given below. YOU MAY e mail US YOUR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHS FROM TOP, AND FRONT TO KNOW THE EXACT EXPENSE OF PROCEDURE OR ELSE YOU CAN VISIT TO ME BY PRIOR APPOINTMENT.

* The above hair transplant surgery cost includes surgeon's fee, assistant's fee, operation theatre charges, operation theatre anaesthetic medicine and disposables. There are no taxes charged on the above hair replacement cost. You have to spend about 2200 more rupees towards the routine preoperative blood tests and some 5 days course of medications to be taken post operatively.

* Payment options: Cash/credit card/ western union/ to bank transfer

We provide both methods of Modern Hair Transplant surgeries
1. Regular "Strip Method"- here you have stitch and its linear donor scar which remains hidden in the donor area under hair. It allows better quality grafts in more number and in shorter time. ( see link : ). The scar can be made to look minimal by having the latest "Trichophytic Closure". (See link: )

2. Stitch less "FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction" method that involves removal of individual Follicular unit graft from the donor site. ( see link: ) Therefore it does not involve stitches and therefore there is no Linear scar visible in donor site. Although the procedure is time consuming 2 times more expensive and requires shaving of the donor area the healing is faster and the post operative discomfort is minimal compared to "strip method". This method also allows extraction of hair follicles from other areas of the body popularly known as BHT- Body Hair Transplant ( ). The cost of FUE is Rs. 75 per Follicular Unit Graft • Cost of Body Hair Transplant ( is Rs. 100 per Follicular Unit Graft • Trichophytic closure ( of Donor site: Rs. 10,000 charged additionally • One stage of Alopecia Reduction ( costs Rs. 12,000 •The cost of special situations like eyebrow, eyelash, beard, moustache etc. on consultation.
How to Book date in Advance?
If you decide to have the procedure I recommend that you book the date in advance since there may be non availability of desired date at the last moment. The date booking procedure is: You need to send $ 500 or 20000 Rupees in advance by one of the following: Following are the safe methods for sending advance deposit:

1. Western UNion:
Deposit the amount at the nearest "Western Union" office payable to "DR. Bishan Mahadevia" at Ahmedabad, India. You will be given a 10 digit "MTCN number" that you have to pass on to me so that money can be encashed at my end of Western Union.

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