Body Hair Transplant

Artificial Fibre Hair Transplant

Approx. Rs 150 / graft

‘Biofibre’ of Italy and ‘Nido’ of Japan are used by some. They have become safer than before although their use is banned in USA.
Reactions to the fiber requiring fiber removal, identifiable as immunological reactions around 1%, while mild/slight complications (including infections), are around 11%.
"The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) does not voice an official position with regard to the use of artificial hair fibers and leaves their use up to the regulatory authority within that country. It is the view of the Society that this is a surgical procedure and as such should be confined to active participation of an experienced, licensed medical doctor in a reputable medical clinic or university setting. As with any surgical procedure, complications may occur which should be handled under a physician's care."
This leads to the conclusion that with today’s technology, artificial hair implant can be used as an alternative to hair transplant when this is not possible, or as a complement to it, if necessary.

Body Hair Transplant Services

Body Hair Transplant Services

Approx. Rs 100 / Graft

Dr. M. Clinic in Ahemedabad, providing all kinds of body hair transplant services for men & women. Body hair transplantation has poor characteristics compared to the hair from the head. They do not grow long, are thin and have shorter life cycle. There survival rate is 50%. They can not be extracted in as strip from the body so they need one by one extraction by a specialized micro punch method. This takes much more time and repeated local anaesthetic injections in the donor area. This is the reason why they are more expensive than the head hair; Body hair transplant cost 100 Rupees per graft.
When body hairs are transplanted on the scalp they do not predictably grow and to the thickness and length of the head hair so their cosmetic value usually remains very poor. They are poorly studied for their behaviour and nature. They can be used for filling in the mid scalp if the head donor is exhausted but are not used for the front or hair line areas with higher cosmetic value. Usually the head donor has sufficient hair for achieving a reasonable cover for the hair loss area of the scalp.

Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

Approx. Rs 45 / graft

This is the staged surgery for advanced baldness (stage 6 or 7) where only Hair Transplant is usually inadequate and turns out to be very expensive. In stage 6 or 7, most of the Hair roots have died and few remaining hairs are of poor quality in the central scalp. So in 2-3 smaller procedures the central scalp skin is reduced and the hairs on the sides (above the ears) are shifted more near the center of the scalp with each stage. Finally only a narrow strip and the hair line area is left for the last stage when the Hair Transplant is done from hairs taken from the back side of the head to give the cover to the head and a respectable hair line. Following illustrations would explain it.

Surgical Hair Transplant Services

Surgical Hair Transplant Services

Approx. Rs 45 / Graft

The surgical hair transplant is the procedure where the bald resistant hair follicles can be restored from donor area to thinning area. The hairs that are resistant to thinning and balding is taken from the back side of the head and is grafted to the front area.

The procedure includes the following techniques:
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